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Pyrodex reclassified as an Explosive

Following a message from the MLAGB Secretary and a blog post by the retailer Henry Krank, we can confirm to our members that Pyrodex is now classed an explosive and an Explosives Licence showing either UN0499 or UN0501 is required to possess or acquire the powder in addition to your Firearms Licence.

After considerable research, we have concluded that the legislation in the UK has not changed; what appears to have changed is the UN classification of Pyrodex.

In order to possess an explosive or propellent in the UK without an Explosives Licence, it’s UN classification must appear somewhere within Schedule Two of the Explosives Regulations 2014 (As Amended), up until recently this was the case for Pyrodex.

However, as confirmed by the safety sheet for the product issued by the manufacturer, Hodgdon, Pyrodex is now classified as UN0499 or UN0501 – both of which are not listed within Schedule Two of the above legislation.

Therefore, since this reclassification in order to possess or acquire Pyrodex an individual must hold an Explosives Licence which lists either UN0499 or UN0501. To do so otherwise would be in breach of the law.

Should you currently possess a quantity of Pyrodex and not hold an Explosives Licence that includes either of these classifications we strongly recommend lodging the supply with a friend that does, and, applying for the codes to be added to your Explosives Licence (or applying for an actual licence in the first instance if necessary).

In future we strongly recommend checking the manufacturers classification of a powder against the above schedule to see if you can possess it without an explosive licence before making any purchase.

Link to the schedule of the legislation: The Explosives Regulations 2014 (
Link to the Manufacturer Safety Sheet (Page 8 of the PDF): 2023-pyrodex-sds-us-012423-1.pdf (