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The Club

About WRPC

The Wedgnock Rifle and Pistol Club (WRPC) were founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) but operate as an independent club. Our precision shooting section regularly competes in leagues and competitions throughout the year.

As a subsidiary of the MLAGB, we are based at their range facilities near Warwick where we shoot out to 100 metres on the three covered ranges all year round. We regularly shoot many calibres from .177 Air Rifle, right out to .44 Magnum! So that all members are catered for, the club run a variety of competitions throughout the year. Due to our close ties with the MLAGB, there are also regular opportunities to expand into other disciplines such as muzzle loading pistol.

The WRPC always welcome membership enquiries and offer full training courses for potential new members. We even have club guns for you to use for your training.

The clubs membership is friendly and diverse where fellow members are always happy to help with any queries you may have. In addition, there are members that you could borrow equipment off to partake in specific competitions where you don’t have the correct gear.

The WRPC is a safe, active and fun place to participate in shooting sports, if you are interested in joining, please feel free to continue viewing our website or contact us to discuss becoming a member!

If you have arranged to visit the Wedgnock Range Complex at a weekend, please bring with you some eye and hearing protection so that you can view the 3 ranges during live firing. Otherwise you will have to purchase safety glasses and ear plugs from the range office.


Whilst the WRPC currently don’t shoot at other ranges such as Kingsbury, a number of other clubs regularly visit the Wedgnock ranges to make use of our excellent facilities in addition to regular use by our parent association, the MLAGB.

WRPC members shoot a number of different disciplines at Wedgnock. Some of these disciplines have spawned their own section within the club or have an entire season of competitions with trophies available for the best shooters.

Disciplines at WRPC include:-

  • Precision Shooting
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Black Powder Revolver
  • Cowboy Action
  • Bench-rest Target Shooting
  • Target Shotgun
  • Turning Target