All new members are required to undergo a defined training schedule to ensure all range rules and safety procedures are understood and that the member will be safe to operate a firearm. This applies to all new members, those members joining WRPC that already hold a FAC will be required to attend a reduced number of sessions and a safety briefing.

Full Membership Training

New members are required to attend a minimum of 10 hours of training sessions during their three month probation period. There is a small fee for each training session based on a menu provided in the new members welcome pack; allowing the trainee to choose how much they want to spend on training.

Experienced shooters that already hold an FAC may not have to attend all 10 training sessions and will be individually assessed by their Training Officer however, a condition of membership is completion of a mandatory black powder training day.

The training program covers all aspects of target shooting. The highlights of the training program are:-



  • Safe Handling of firearms

  • Use of eye and hearing protection

  • No Smoking rule

  • Loading & firing precautions

  • Action in the event of a misfire or hang fire

  • Fiream and ammunition security - At Home, In Transit, On Range

  • Range Classification - Maximum muzzle energy of 1496 ft/lb, Maximum velocity of 2150 ft/second


Types of Firearm

  • Rimfire  - .22 short, .22LR, .22 Win Mag (rifle only)

  • Centre Fire - Pistol calibre + ones which fall within the range classification (rifle only)

  • Centre Fire - Black Powder breech loading (rifles only)

  • Flintlock - Black Powder (rifle and pistol)

  • Percussion - Rifle and Pistol

Types of Ammunition

  • Rimfire

  • Centre fire rifle

  • Centre fire - pistol calibre rifle

  • Black Powder - bullet or ball

  • Black Powder - centre fire breech loading cartidge


Types of ignition systems

  • Match Lock

  • Wheel Lock

  • Flintlock

  • Percussion Cap

  • Rimfire

  • Centre Fire



  • When to take breath

  • When & how to exhale

  • When to hold breath

  • When to fire



  • Application for Firearms or Shotgun Certificate - Grant, Renewal, Variation

  • Application for Explosives Certificates, RCA Document


Range Conduct

  • Taking charge of the range (RCO)

  • Checking all firearms on the range,     

  • All firearms on the firing point (bolt open and clear)     

  • All magazines (empty and clear)     

  • Under levers (open and clear)     

  • If Black Powder is part of the detail guns may only be capped/primed at the firing point     

  • 3 degree rule

  • Check the number of members who are shooting on the range

  • Calling safe to go forward and change targets when happy all firearms are clear

  • Calling when happy that it is safe to commence shooting

  • Use of approved targets

  • Calling CEASE FIRE when required


Sighting & Aiming

  • Target Rifle

  • Sporting Rifle

  • Black Powder Rifle

  • Black Powder Pistol & Revolver


Position & Support

  • Prone

  • Standing

  • Kneeling

  • Sitting

  • Cross

  • Sticks

  • Bipods

  • Slings

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