Our Ranges

This page details the 3 ranges at the Wedgnock complex.

If you are planning to attend WRPC to shoot you should first make yourself aware of the range rules and fees before you arrive.

Range Fees:

From 1st January 2020

Member                  £15.00            weekends only 10:00 to 14:00  Section 1 & 2 firearms

Non-Member          £30.00            weekends only 10:00 to 14:00  Section 1 & 2 firearms

Range Bookings

Wedgnock Ranges are available for hiring for outside clubs and other organisations in the firearms industry. Please contact us for more information

Wedgnock's 100 metre 'A' range is the largest that the WRPC shoot on, the range is regularly used for competitions for light rifles and muzzle loaders.

The A range has 25 operational covered firing points out of a maximum of 50 that allow you to shoot from standing (supported), sitting, kneeling and prone positions in 30 minute details. As with the B range, a maximum of 4 shooters can shoot at any one time without the need for a non-shooting range officer.

Please note as of October 2016, firing points (26-50) that are not within the covered area are out of use for the foreseeable future.

 In addition, it is no longer permissible for the Precision Section to place targets at 50 metres on this range or use the designated area, please shoot 50m on the B range.


Wedgnock's 50 metre 'B' range is the most popular range with the clubs members and other clubs that regularly visit.

The B range has 25 covered firing points that can be used for shooting from standing, sitting, kneeling and prone positions. As with the A range, a maximum of 4 shooters can shoot at any one time without the need for a non-shooting range officer.

Uniquely, the B range has a set of 10 knockdown targets that can be shot at by any calibre that is cleared for use on the Wedgnock ranges, these add an element of fun to target shooting.

Additionally, there are six turning target stations that can be used for fast action competitions and rapid fire practice.


Wedgnock's 25 metre 'C' range is perhaps the most versatile of the clubs ranges. Not only does it host the popular Cowboy Action section but also the Air Rifle range. C Range is perfect for Black Power muzzle loading and revolver pistol shooting.

Split into four sections of firing points, this covered 55-bay range operates as four separate ranges with individual range officers. Of these four sections, one section is specifically used as a dedicated Air Rifle range which is exempt from the non-shooting range officer rules that govern the rest of the range complex. It should be noted however, that WRPC no longer caters for air only membership but all Full, Senior and Junior members can use this Air Range if they wish, after they complete their Section 1 firearms training course.

As a result of this layout, there can be up to 12 firearms being used on the range at any one time before a non-shooting range officer is required. In addition to the popular Cowboy Action competitions that take place on this range, the range has a specific turning target section allowing for competitive fast action shooting!


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