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6th May2021

Good News! Due to the hard work of our instructors we are now in a position to accept new applications for membership and the application form has been uploaded to the How To Join / Applications page as above. Please ensure that you fully complete the form and check that you have enclosed photos and a signed cheque for the relevant fee as shown on the form. Referees must not be a partner or family member and will be checked. Also if anything is missing from your application this could delay your acceptance as a probationary member as we expect a large number of applications from the waiting list. 


28th March 2021

Wedgnock Ranges will be re-opening on Monday 29th March for season ticket holders while other members can shoot only at weekends. They will be closed on Good Friday 2nd April and Easter Monday 5th April. Training of existing probationary members will re-commence from 12th April. We hope to start accepting new members in late May or early June. There is a long waiting list and anyone on this list will be invited to apply when the new application form is uploaded to the website. If you wish to register for the waiting list please use the Contact Us section as above. Thank you all for your patience.



15th March 2021

Wedgnock Ranges will be re-opening on Monday 29th March for season ticket holders only. They will be closed on Good Friday 2nd April and Easter Monday 5th April. The ranges will be open on 3rd and 4th April as well when members without a season ticket can also shoot on payment of the daily range fee. The Range Office will be open on Monday 29th March from 09:00 to 12:00 for season ticket renewal and at weekends after this date. Members can also renew via post and letters are being sent out on 15th March.

4th January 2021

Following the Government's announcement tonight, the Wedgnock Range Complex is closing from midnight on 4th January 2021 until further notice. The padlock on the gate at the road entrance is being changed and the newly installed gate to the wedgnock ranges is being closed and padlocked to prevent access. Security will be maintained at all times.


2nd January 2021

Following the Government's decision to place Warwick, where Wedgnock is based, and also most of the surrounding counties into Tier 4, we have had to suspend all training from 31st December 2020 until further notice. All probationary members should have been contacted by their instructor by now. We are advising anyone from a lower tier not to travel to a Tier 4 area. The Government has stated that any travel which is allowed in a Tier 4 area should be local as far as possible i.e. within that town so anyone travelling to Wedgnock will need to satisfy themselves that this is allowed. The Wedgnock Range Complex is allowed to remain open in a Tier 4 area.


23rd December 2020.

The Government has announced that Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire will go to Tier 4 on 26th December. Wedgnock is in Warwickshire which is still in Tier 3. If you live in a Tier 4 area then you must not travel to Wedgnock to shoot. If you leave a Tier 4 area without a valid reason as defined by the Government, then you risk a fine as shooting at Wedgnock is not accepted as a valid reason. Any probationary member in Tier 4 will not be able to continue training at present and should be contacted by their instructor shortly.

15th October 2020

We are not accepting any more new membership applications for a short while as we have a long waiting list for training new members. As soon as we are able to restart training safely and reduce the waiting list we will be able to start accepting new applications. If you have recently sent in an application we will accept this subject to the usual Police and security checks but for now the application form has been withdrawn from our website. We hope to reopen for new applications as soon as possible.

We are currently rewriting our training manual to consolidate all the changes over the past 7 years and this is nearly complete. A new black powder training manual has also been written and will be used once it has been approved.


October 2020

Membership renewal invitation letters for 2021 will soon be sent out to members. The subscriptions have been frozen at 2020 rates. Members will be able to pay securely online by clicking on the Membership Renewal header above when it is activated and this is only for current members. You cannot join WRPC by using this facility. Instead go to "How To Join" header above. Full details of payment methods for renewal membership will be in the letters. Some probationary members who joined between January and March and had their training put on hold will have their membership extended to include 2021 and will not have to pay a renewal fee. Anyone accepted for probationary membership between November and December 2020 inclusive will have their 2021 membership included provided they have paid the full fee and not a reduced rate. 

October 2020


On 19th September 2020, WRPC recommenced training new members who possess a Firearms Certificate using their own firearms and ammunition, and PPE has been provided to the instructors.

New applicants who applied without a Firearms Certificate between January and September 2020 are being held in a queue and training will only commence when the committee decides the sharing of  club firearms and ammunition poses a much lower risk. No membership payments are  taken until training commences.

Due to the current expected second wave, extra restrictions and the increasing R factor it is likely to be some time before we can extend the training. Please be patient as we must ensure the safety of all concerned.

If you visit the range the wearing of a face covering is now compulsory.



August 10th 2020

Following the WRPC Management Committee meeting held on Friday 7th August here are details of the decision to restart training of some probationary members.


After a lengthy discussion it has been decided to partially restart training but only of probationary members who joined with a current FAC under the following criteria:

  1. All instructors and probationary members are completely free to choose whether to recommence training or to defer it to a later date when they feel safer to do so. The Senior Instructor will be conducting this exercise before training restarts.

  2. All instructors will be provided with swivel style full face visors, face masks and bottles of sanitiser purchased from limited WRPC funds. The Hon. Secretary will organise these supplies and ensure they are available to the instructors before training restarts.

  3. All probationary members must observe the new requirement to wear a face covering and are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitiser for regular use during training.

  4. FAC holding probationary members will use their own firearms and ammunition subject to range limitations and calibres as advised in the training syllabus and handouts.

  5. Classroom Training sessions will only take place in the clubhouse at weekends after checking with the Range Manager for availability and during the week they will be on one of the 3 ranges.

  6. The Senior Black Powder Instructor has indicated that he will carry out the usual Black Powder session with both FAC holders and those probationary members who were about to progress before lockdown.

  7. All probationary members will be required to read and sign a liability release waiver designed by the NSRA for club use, before each training session takes place. This is mandatory and training cannot commence until this form is completed and signed by the probationary member at each training session.

  8. All BP firearms will be sanitised by the instructors after each training session.

  9. The final session with the Range Manager will take place in his office where there is a protective screen and probationers must wear a face covering when entering and while in the clubhouse.

  10. This will be kept under constant review and all training may be suspended again at very short notice should the need arise or if the Government/NHS advice changes. 

  11. We realise this will disappoint some new members who joined without a FAC but we must ensure the safety of our members at all times and we consider the mass sharing of club guns at present to be too risky. We will keep this under review and hope new members understand this decision.



May 15th, 2020




After what seems an eternity but is actually only 2 months, the decision has been made to reopen Wedgnock on 23rd May. This is in line with Bisley, Adventure Sports and no doubt other ranges following the go ahead from the Government minister. The entrance gates will remain locked until 23rd May with the new padlock and new combination. After this the old padlock will be used with the same combination used before and known to season ticket holders.


The procedures which Andrew Grimmett has agreed in consultation with WRPC and the MLAGB are going to be very different for the foreseeable future so please ensure you read the following carefully. 



  • Signing in at weekends will be in the club house with only one person allowed in at a time. There will be a strict policy of one member out then one member in.

  • There will be a one way system in the club house with entry at the front door and exit via the rear doors.

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed by the signing in register.

  • Please bring your own pen to sign in and make sure it works beforehand.

  • By all means wear gloves and a mask if you feel safer doing so and bring your own hand sanitizer if you wish.

  • Ensure that you have all your firearms details to hand preferably written down on a piece of paper to reduce the signing in time. You won't be very popular if you take more time than is necessary to sign in. Don't forget to write down your season ticket number. Also see the note from the Range Manager about renewing season tickets below. ***

  • Observe the 2 metre distancing when queuing as indicated.

  • During the week sign in as usual on the register in the cupboard on the outside of the club house.

  • The range doors will be propped open so you don't have to touch the handles.

  •  On the B and C ranges every other shooting bay will be marked as no shooting bays so that everyone can keep a safe distance away from each other. This will reduce the capacity by 50% to around 12 bays on the B range and approximately 23 on the C range excluding the air only range. The A range will have markers on the floor of every other bay to indicate no shooting points. This should allow 11 firing points.

  • Do not gather in groups and always observe the 2 metre distancing.

  • The Range Manager is doing everything possible to ensure everyone's safety but if you feel he has missed something please bring it to his attention so that he can advise you. Remember this is all new to everyone.

  • If you need to see the Range Manager you can do so in his office where there will be a screen installed as an additional safety measure.

  • Do not use each others firearms, ammunition or have any contact with each other to minimise the risks.

  • No refreshments will be available in the club house until further notice so best bring your own.

  • Shooters record sheets should still be completed but ask a member if you can use their name and print it instead of asking them for a signature.

  • The MLAGB has notified the insurers that the range is reopening on 23rd May.




The range is closed on 25th May as is usual on bank holiday Mondays.




Andrew Grimmett the Range Manager has written this reminder:


  1. "All shooters will need to renew their Season Tickets BEFORE shooting otherwise a Range Fee will be payable.

  2. Without a Season Ticket you CANNOT shoot during the week.

  3. Those who have not yet renewed their season ticket MUST do so by visiting the Range during a weekend this will enable an exact pro-rata rate to be calculated.

  4. Please remember only cash or cheque payments can be accepted, no card payments.

  5. During these difficult times please remember to carry  your season ticket with you and have it handy to produce if asked by the Range Manager or anyone authorised by the Range Manager to check season tickets, this is a requirement.

  6. Thank you. Andrew Grimmett. Range Manager." 




These are just the first step in allowing shooting to recommence and the WRPC Management Committee will need to hold a meeting via remote means to discuss the way forward with training, competitions and other important matters. Further emails will be issued as and when we know more. 

Please keep 2 metres apart and stay safe.

March 18, 2019

24th WRPC AGM Minutes

24th WRPC AGM Minutes now uploaded to the Members Area

August 24, 2018

Updates to Members' Area

Members area updates include new shooters record sheet for download and 15 page August 2018 WRPC Newsletter issue number 123.

March 11, 2018

Vacancy for Qualified Indoor Air Pistol and Rifle Instructor and Organiser

WRPC are upgrading their Indoor Air Pistol and Rifle Section to include a brand new category of membership. This will be for Indoor Air Section Membership Only, at a reduced subscription of  £30 per annum for adults and £20 for juniors under 17 years of age. We have a club air pistol and a brand new air rifle both only 6 ft.lbs power which can be used for trainees or visitors and there are 6 lanes at 10 metres. We will be meeting on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 to 21:00 hours initially every fortnight but this could increase to weekly. We are looking to recruit an adult who is experienced with air weapons and preferably has a coaching/instructor qualification. The successful applicant will run the evening sessions and give instruction to new members and first time visitors who wish to try out the sport before joining our club. They will also deal with enquiries from potential new members, those wishing to visit the indoor range and assist in recruiting new members. The WRPC Management Committee will give full support and membership application forms will be uploaded to the website in the near future.

We will offer complimentary membership of the Indoor Shooting Range to the successful applicant to begin with and if they are also a FAC holder this may be extended to Full Club Membership worth £57 p.a. after a qualifying period plus a season ticket worth £110. The latter 2 will enable the applicant to use our 3 outdoor ranges on up to 345 days per annum without charge and will be dependent on the success of the indoor section attracting new members.

If you feel you have the necessary experience and preferably a coaching/instructor qualification then please in the first instance email the WRPC Chairman at chairman@wedgnock.co.uk with your details. 

We are also taking expressions of interest from potential new members who wish to be contacted when we are up and running so that they can visit our indoor range and try out their own 6ft. lbs air pistols here or try out ours before applying for membership. Again please email the WRPC Chairman as above.

March 02, 2018

March WRPC Newsletter containing 16 pages now in the Members'Area of the website

WRPC members can now view the March newsletter by logging in to the members' area

February 14, 2018

Important Update to Members Added

An important update for members has been added to the members news page. Can all members please sign in and read the update ASAP

February 10, 2018

New Air Rifle and Pistol Evening

Details are being finalised so check back soon for more info!

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